Reset and Recovery of WP410 / WP480 (WP480G) / WP490 (WP490G) 2015-2017

Reset procedure of WP410 / WP480 (WP480G) / WP490 (WP490G) 2015-2017

  1. Press and hold for several seconds the button situated in the center of the Navigation Keys.IMG_2062
  2. Press “OK” to confirm

Recovery procedure of WP410 / WP480 (WP480G) / WP490 (WP490G) 2015-2017

  1. Download the latest FW for your phone model
  2. note: FW can be downloaded from the PBX, path to the Firmware files:
    WP490G 2017 – /firmwares/wildix2/67.145.7.xx.rom
    WP480G 2017 – /firmwares/wildix2/63.145.7.xx.rom
    WP490/490G 2015-2016 – /firmwares/wildix2/59.145.6.xx.rom
    WP480/480G 2015-2016 – /firmwares/wildix2/55.145.6.xx.rom
    WP410 – /firmwares/wildix2/50.145.6.xx.rom

    MAKE SURE you download the correct file for your phone!!! If you have doubts, check the latest stable FW for your phone here:

  3. On new systems (starting from 2017) TFTP server is turned off by default, so it’s necessary to run the command: /etc/init.d/atftpd restart
  4. Rename the file to recovery.rom and upload it to the PBX, folderĀ /srv/tftp/
  5. Note: This procedure does not work for cloud PBXs! it’s necessary to use an external TFTP server or a local PBX

  6. Unplug the power supply
  7. Press and hold “Transfer” key
  8. note: on some phone models “Transfer” key is missing; use “F1” key

  9. Connect the phone to power supply again; keep the “Transfer” key pressed while the phone is booting
  10. Phone display shows “Resume mode”, press “Edit” soft key to edit IP, Mask, Gateway (PBX IP or local gateway IP), Tftp (PBX IP); make sure the phone and PBX are in the same network segmentIMG_2063
  11. Press “Burn” soft key.

Phone downloads the Firmware from the PBX.

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