CardDAV Sync of Contacts with Mac OS X, Thunderbird, iOS, Android

Thanks to CardDAV address book client / server protocol, it is possible to enable access for PBX users to shared PBX phonebook from different devices, including Mac OS X / iOS / Android and Thunderbird Mail.

Set up the CardDAV sync, to be able to access your Wildix PBX corporate phonebooks from any device:

iOS / Android CardDAV Sync

Read instructions:

  • English / Google translation: LINK
  • French: LIEN

In addition, you can download for free Wildix Collaboration Mobile App for iOS from iTunes and Android from Google Play Store, to be able to call via your Wildix PBX and access all the Wildix Unified Collaboration features from your personally owned iOS and Android devices.

Mac OS X Contacts CardDAV Sync

note: contacts are not subdivided into phonebooks

  1. Go to System Preferences → Internet Accounts & Accounts → Add Other Account… → Add a CardDAV account, “Manual”:

  3. Enter account information:

    • User Name: your extension number
    • Password: your password to access WMS / Collaboration
    • Server Address: PBX address or domain name
  4. Click “Create” and “Continue”

All the contacts from shared PBX phonebooks appear in your Mac OS Contacts

Thunderbird Contacts CardDAV Sync

  1. Download and install the SOGo Connector
  2. Install the plugin from Add-ons Manager folder
  3. Open Thunderstorm and go to Address Book → File menu → New → Remote Address Book
  4. Enter:

  5. Name: Phonebook name as you want it to appear in your Address Book
  6. URL: PBX IP address or domain name, followed by your user name and the phonebook name in the following format:
    To set up the sync with all the corporate phonebooks, enter: http://PBX_IP/Contacts/

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