Wildix TAPI driver

Wildix TAPI driver (Telephony Application Programming Interface) provides computer telephony integration and enables PCs running Microsoft Windows to manage calls and use other telephone services of a Wildix PBX.


  • To use multiline TAPI it’s necessary to activate the following license on the PBX:
  • OS Windows XP or higher, Windows Vista 64 bit or higher

Install TAPI driver on your PC

Download and install the tapi driver from Collaboration Settings -> Extensions -> TAPI driver

TAPI driver configuration

Go to the menu Start > Control Panel > Modem and Phone > Advanced and fill in the fields:

  • Wildix PBX address: Wildix PBX IP address
  • User: Extension (example: 110)
  • Password: SIP Password
  • Multiline mode extensions: read the next chapter of this guide
  • Debug logging: if enabled, logs will be saved here: C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Temp

Multiline settings

Adding one or more extensions into the field “Multiline mode extensions” allows you to monitor and to manage the calls of those users.

To enable the multiline TAPI, the user you specify in the Wildix TAPI Configuration window must be the admin user of your Wildix PBX.

Rules for adding extensions into the field “Multiline mode extensions”:

  • One extension, example: 1971
  • Two or more extensions separated by comma, example: 1971,1972
  • Range of extensions separated by hyphen (dash), example: 1970-1980
  • You can combine several rules, example: 1972, 1973, 1978-1980

Testing TAPI

You can use Phone.exe to test Wildix TAPI driver.


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